How to Look attractive Person

How to Look attractive Person

I always do whenever I wear mascara it’s been highly requested so I’m finally getting around to doing it which I’m really excited for and so the first step is to use an eyelash curler of course what I like to do is I curl the very base like almost pinching my eyelid but not quite because we don’t want to pinch the eyelids so curly right there first as you can see it already makes a huge difference between this eye and this eye and then what I like to do is I then go in the middle like not as close to my eyelid and then I curl kind of like the very top just to make them stick almost straight up the thing that I do next for my mascara routine is,

I’ll take a q-tip clean dry q-tip and I’ll run it on my tight line which is right here and this is an optional step but I do think it helps making in making your lashes look a lot thicker so I’ll run it along I’ll tight line my eyes the reason why you want to do this in order to have the appearance of thicker lashes is because when you tight line your eyes it looks like you have a thicker kind of lash band and this is why a lot of people think that I wear fake lashes when I don’t it’s because like tight line and it gives the effect of a fuller lash line and that’s what can help make your lashes look thicker [Music] but now I’m gonna be moving on to mascara so the first product I like to use is the Maybelline colossal cat eyes mascara I love this mascara I will never stop using this mascara I love it because of the kind of spoon shape but it is a little bit curved so I feel like it really hugs my lashes because your lashes are in that shape I’m gonna hug it at the base but not touch my lash line because then it will start smudging so what I do is I hug it there and I start wiggling up I don’t know if you can see this motion I kind of like a sawing jiggling wiggling motion and this just helps to coat the lashes more evenly.

I’m using an extremely light hand I’ll wiggle my brush up and then take the tip of the brush and kind of coat the outer lashes like so just to kind of get them because when you’re wiggling the brush in the middle sometimes your lashes on the outside might be left out so I like to just coat them a little bit so I’ll do that so that’s my first coat [Music] if you just wait a little bit you can take a brush or a q-tip and kind of wipe away the little mascara flakes that might have fallen onto your face I’m moving on to my next mascara I do like to layer my mascaras and I use this one on top which is the Maybelline falsies volume Express one and I do use this one in waterproof so the first mascara I only use in the non waterproof version so with this mascara since this is more of a wet formula and this bottle is a little bit newer than the other one.

I’ll kind of coat this this eye first a couple seconds and then I’ll move on to the next one so I don’t dip back into the bottle because this is a more wet formula I don’t want to ruin what we just did with the first mascara and like make this one super wet if you know what I mean like I don’t want to deposit too much mascara on this one at one time so I’ll split it in between the two I just like to make sure that it’s evenly dispersed and that I don’t over coat one or the other at a time I use this mascara the first one to separate my lashes because it makes it look very natural that’s why I like to use this one on natural J’s and then.

I like to use this one to give me the volume and give me like the volume and the length I guess because as you can see just looking at this eye it looks like I have so many more lashes than what we started off with and that’s why I prefer using this one so again wiggling motion go up and then kind of separate them with this brush one tool that I will recommend to you guys is this mascara comb mine is kind of dirty so this might be kind of difficult for me to film but basically I just take this comb and I run it through my lashes be very careful with this because the prongs on this comb are very sharp so just exercise caution when you’re using this just remind yourself that you are you know dealing with it near your eyes so to be very careful but basically I just go through and I comb my lashes this helps to separate them even more than when you’re doing the wiggling motion with the mascara this really helps to separate them out and it I do this in between layers because I want to make sure that the next layer that I do I have a nice you know I guess a nice array of lashes to deposit the mascara on so that I’m not doing another layer to just make them even clumpy err so I like to comb them out with my comb [Music] at this point after that layer has had time to dry and after I come to them then I will go back into my falsies mascara and

this one I do like to kind of rub the wand of my brush on the neck of the bottle because this tends to be quite a wet formula if you have a fresh bottle make sure to do that so it’s not as gloopy so then I just go again wiggling motion and I’ll move on to the other eyes so I don’t get too much on the first one and then just keep on wiggling through mascara on them again I definitely do do a wiggle but as you know that’s the benefit of article  you can see what I’m doing every step of the way it’s kind of like I’m on autopilot every time I do my mascara now so you can see what I tend to do when I do my mascara I’ll do wiggle and then I’ll kind of just brush through with the one you can kind of feel when you hold the mascara wand in your hand you know where you need to put more product and where you need to separate out your lashes so it’s a little bit hard to explain in that way since you can’t feel exactly what I’m feeling but you kind of get the hang of it once you start doing this routine you know almost every day I like again how this one separates my lashes so I’ll go back in after two layers of the falsies and,

I’ll go in and kind of coat this one because this one is more of the C shape or I guess the spoon shape so it helps to kind of coat a little bit more evenly up here and also what I like to do I know some people don’t like to do this but I I like it I like to go behind my lashes and get the tops because I don’t know if you can tell on a camera but the tops like it looks a lot thicker on the bottom obviously because that’s where you’re starting to deposit the mascara but when you hit the tops like it just looks you know your lashes will look longer if the tops are visible for sure this one I feel like I can get into all of the little nooks and crannies in my eyes because of how the wand is and also how the bristles are on this brush so my last layer I’ll take my falsies again and just really lightly like super light hand because this is again more of a thicker formula I’ll go really lightly and just coat it this is when they start to look a little bit spidery so again to each his own if you don’t want them to look like that if you are happy with how they look before I started doing this layer then you don’t have to move on but I you know.

I’m okay with a little clump I’m okay with a little spider enos so I’ll just go super lightly like I can’t even describe how lightly I’m holding this mascara wand but I just like to kind of run it through really quickly like that and then I’ll let that dry for a second as its drying I will do my last pass with the mascara comb kind of to separate it as much as possible sometimes I’ll go as you can see behind I like to do that just to kind of get rid of the chunks if there’s any I like to curl them again after I put on mascara actually that was a little too light a press not too hard though and it just I just feel like it helps them stand up a little bit more which to me I like I just like how it helps them stand up they look prettier they look a little bit more fake if you will so again I’ll just kind of press at the base and it’s really the wax in the mascara and the waterproof mascara that helps them stand up like that when you curl them again so that’s just my two cents you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to if it makes you uncomfortable but that is just what I do so I just wanted to share that with you okay so that is what my lashes look like after I’m done with mascara they do look different you know every single day depending on how you know how old the mascara I’m using is if it’s a little bit more dry I’ve been my everyday makeup tutorial article that I did a couple months ago that won my lashes looked very long because like my mascara tubes were at the perfect consistency so it’s always gonna depend on you know I guess how patient you are that day it’s always gonna depend on how dry the mascara is that day how much you wipe off I mean I think they look pretty good today but

I’ve definitely seen them you know better just wanted to emphasize again that your patience with the routine as well as the consistency of your mascaras it’s gonna make a huge difference because as you can see today my lashes look a lot longer than they did when I finished filming the routine part of the tutorial and it has to do with the fact that I was just a lot more patient today it really depends on again you know how wet or dry your mascaras are that day how patient you are and all those kind of factors one product that I did want to mention and I don’t care if it’s gimmicky or whatever like I personally like it and I have no scientific evidence of actually works but I use it so I wanted to I guess recommend a or just mention that I use it because it does have to do with lashes this is the rapid lash serum and I’ve bought probably three bottles of this and I think it makes a difference because I’ve you know I don’t think I used to have particularly long lashes before or you know a lot of them and now I feel like I do you know when I look at pictures of myself and I was even in high school I don’t feel like my lashes were as long as they are right now basically it’s just a serum that you apply on your lashes it kind of comes on like a little eyeliner brush and you just brush it on your lash line I do it like every night before I go to bed it can be quite pricey depending on where and when you get it it can anywhere from like $27 all the way up to $50 I remember the first time.

I bought it I think it was I think I was like Black Friday of 2016 so I bought it for I think like $30 the second time I bought it’s $40 so it really just depends when again I went and where you buy it but I guess this is just one of those things like if you have the money to spend on it or you know Black Friday rolls around and it’s on sale or if it’s just on sale at any point try it out if it doesn’t work and just don’t buy it again that’s my philosophy on it but I just wanted to recommend it in case you’re looking for a Last Theorem.


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