Dark Girl Makeup Tips 2020

Dark Girl Makeup Tips 2020

My brown skin brows for girls like me for my dark-skinned girls because I feel like when it comes to makeup a skin that time is a little bit different sometimes it can be a little bit more difficult to find especially in the drugstore but I’m not gonna start that round especially in the drugstore but just the toes hyperpigmentation dark circles we tend to get a little bit more if we are of a darker skin now I am concentrating a little bit more on skin as opposed to like eyes because I feel like when it comes to eyes you guys can rock anything you guys are guys can block whatever colors you like but when it comes to skin there are certain things like dark circles that we get that are hereditary or things that are more common with a darker skin that like darkness around at the mouth area things like that dark spots and

I want to talk about one of that I want to talk about the tips and tricks and the hacks that I have in regards to make up for that so if you guys want to see at this article they’re not just keep on watching okay so just a bear in mind that this isn’t gonna be a makeup tutorial to be honest it’s probably just gonna be a very neutral makeup look but I want to go over the steps starting off with us give mal fast and I want to start off with is hair removal if you are of a darker skin and that’s me you’re probably gonna have a dog hair which means that when your hair grows on your face you’re going to be able to see it more now something that I’ve been that liking not to use is this a razor and I like to actually shave my face however over time and over the months of me doing this I just thought it was very important for me to note that if you are of a darker skin we’re not shaving areas that do have hair such as your side lines you will get a costed shadow now I didn’t know this and if I knew this I probably would have got my sideburns or waxed but just to let you know that when it’s happened to me

I’ve got an out hyperpigmentation when my sideburns are a little bit darker joste from raising now to eliminate this you would go back to waxing and not raising or shaving your face but everywhere else actually hasn’t got any hyperpigmentation it would only be my side wet areas I feel like that’s very important to note just over the dogskin gal you make it hyperpigmentation from the area I guess it’s the same in terms of when you shave your armpits or when you shave your private areas how they can get a little bit darker I don’t know if you’re an indian girl or a dark-skinned girl does it get a little bit darker for you like my underarms are pretty dark because I shave obviously to eliminate this you wanna whack so it’s just the same concept on your face so I’m gonna start off with asteroid being a lotion when looking at for a straightening lotion I tried to go something with a peachy undertone to it or a goldish on the tone of my favorite is actually the Mac a strobe cream in a gold light I feel like this one is the best up for a darker skin type it just goes with the golden undertones of our skin so I’m gonna take a little bit of this and then just move sure eyes my skin so you can see the final result now I hope you guys can see that this is just added like a really nice plump look a lot of people wear this when they’re doing a no makeup makeup I do just because it makes your skin look very healthy but you haven’t got any foundation on at the skin but the gold undertones of that is just gonna really complement a darker skin tone next

I want to mention primer I don’t usually tend to wear primer I just feel like it’s a very excessive step that doesn’t really need to be taken but if you are a prime mcgarrett and you like so I Pro matte I would suggest going with a primer that doesn’t have a white class to it doesn’t have a white where did you I would go something that’s a little bit more colored or has a little bit like 2% coloring like the natural radiance does is the natural radiance of by Mac and the prep and prime and this is in the yellow tone it’s just gonna be a little bit more beneficial on a darker skin and it’s gonna make sure that you just don’t have that white past or that a shines sometimes with with primers you can get a white class and your makeup doesn’t sit that well will the color shows through or you just end up looking a little bit ashy dusty and gray so just try and avoid that by going either with a colorless primer altogether or something that’s got a hint of yellow to it next

I’m gonna move on up to just assessing your skin tone now when you look in the mirror look at your skin and look at what what colors that are in your skin I very warm but I can be sometimes neutral as well in the center and I have assessed that just by looking at my skin with a dark skin tone as well and naturally a lot of the time not always but a lot of the time you’re going to be darker on the outskirts of your skin at your neck kind of sometimes tend to be a little bit darker and then you’re gonna be bright side in at the center so you’re actually going to be two times sometimes people are many different tones in their skin and if you want to miss a natural look then you either go for a very very light the weight of foundation will you go for different tones of foundation and then you match it up with the turns on your skin so what

I’m gonna be doing because I am brighter in the center of my face I’m gonna go in with the benefits hello happy soft Blair foundation in number six just in the center of my face where it’s bright just following the color of my skin and then where it is a little bit darker I want to go a little bit lightweight I don’t want to go too heavy so I’m actually gonna be using the Mac face and body in c6 shock horror and they’re just using a W blender blender just to blend everything together and I’m also gonna take that darker color just down my neck and my chest area to make sure that everything kind of goes down you know to one canvas okay so watch your foundations are down it’s gonna know something a little like in this now it is important to try out different different foundations I feel like you guys know that the face and body is my favorite foundation because what it’s lightweight you can build it up I like the tones of it it’s not too yellow I feel like a Mac Studio Fix is very very yellow and I don’t really know who’s that yellow but it comes up like I look like a Simpsons character when I wear Studio Fix that’s why I tend not to worry I like the font a beauty but the fancy beauty in the shade at 310 I would say whereas it is a little bit yellow for me as well this one just comes up a tiny bit yellow and that’s why

I like for somebody because it’s it’s a warm tone but it is neutral warm if that sort of makes a scent so you’ve got similar skin tone up to mine and then try this one another one I’ve had is very good is a true match but they still tend to be a little bit more beige you for me so just make sure that you try those are different foundations and see what really suits are your skin and I don’t know if you guys that cannot tell I’ve got my foundation on I do have a little bit of hyper pigmentation around my mouth area and now I feel even with that darker foundation it still looks a little bit Ashley to me it looks a bit dusty just around my mouth area where you look like you’ve got a bit of a beard and a mustache now there are different ways around this you can kind of correct with an orange underneath before you put your foundation on what I like to do and because I’ve just got it is I like to use a foundation that is slightly darker but it has that reddish undertone to it

I like to use products that are for the skin as opposed to corrector I’m not really about the correct to life and going in with a bright orange just because I feel like they can be overused and it’s difficult to get rid of that orange genus and I don’t feel like it’s all always necessary so I like to actually use the ordinary serum a foundation this is in the shade at 3.1 Y now this is a darker than my skin tone but it’s called that orange tone on to it which I like and I honestly only use this around my mouth area and then just balance it by dabbing a little bit on my forehead area just to balance the color around now I hope you guys can see that the orange just around my mouth area has really turned down the ash eNOS I’m very sensitive about my mouth area because I guess it’s because when I was younger I used to be bullied for having Animus – when I just had hyper pigmentation around my mouth area so I do everything now possible I guess like from that 10 year old me it’s just sort of stuff and I do everything possible to get rid of the ashy mess but I feel like the orange in at this foundation just really helps to counteract that anything with an orange undertone orange is your best friend being a dots thing girl orange wool tones are gonna be your best friend whether it be with skin whether it be with lips but it would be the eyes orange red anything warm is gonna be your best friend okay so the same goes our four eyes I absolutely love covering dark circles I don’t know what it is I just feel like a completely new a person when I call it other people’s dark circles as

well I just really like covering dark circles which is really weird now in multiple ways are doing this and now you cannot use a corrector which means that you would use the orange part or not the darkness and that would act as your corrector and you would put your fan on top but the one that I like to use is the Mac corrector this is in a bad car or sometimes I mix it with a bit of the yellow just to tone down the orange and then I would pop that on and then place my concealer on a top they don’t want us I don’t really like to use corrector so like this this was an icky back in the day this is what I used to use now if I’m using a concealer I like to actually correct with my concealers similar to how I did on my foundation at base and you should like to use the Mac Pro Longwear in NC 45 now this one actually has orange e undertones to it is a bit too dark for my skin but it has that Orangery redness to it and then I like to mix that with the Mac and c25 to get a really nice mix and I pop this underneath my eyes and because it’s very very heavy coverage it just eliminates some dark circles that are straight away however the easiest way that I found just to cover dark circles obviously dependent on how a doc there I feel like sometimes they can be a little bit more difficult if you’ve got very very dark circles and then your skin is very fat and that can be quite challenging but if you’ve got a darker skin tone

I wouldn’t worry too much about having dark circles because they are easily disguise abour what I like to do is honestly just go for a full coverage concealer and just go for a good tone in it so go for something that’s similar to your skin tone something maybe that has a little bit more yellow or peach in it that’s gonna help correct but conceal at the same time then you’re not having to faff around with the correctors my favorite one of all time at the moment because I’m sure it will change when I try different products is the Urban Decay all nighter waterproof full coverage at concealer and Alex use a shade medium dark or warm now it’s still got the warmth to it but it’s gonna counteract the darkness but it’s got the full coverage then it’s really just gonna eliminate everything and give me a really nice of flawless coverage but also look like the skin at the same time so I’m just gonna pop this underneath my eyes and then a Beauty Blender this bad boy out now as you can see the colour looks like it was quite like when it went on but as I’ve blended it out and

I’ve just used the same aside that I popped on my foundation with its really blended well I mean the coverage is absolutely insane you can see the distinct a line between the darkness of my eyes and the concealer but that doesn’t really matter another tip that I want to say to you guys is that when that you are of a darker skin you cannot to have a dark our eyelids now it’s just a natural smoke sometimes it can work through advantage because you can get away with playing nothing on your eyelids and it looks like you’ve got a really nice smoky eye but I love the time I don’t like it because I like to I like to call this on my lids I feel like this through to my eye shape and my skin tone a little bit better and I like my eyes to look a bit bigger so what I do is I will just take that same concealer and I’ll just pop the excess on my eyelids just to create like a blank canvas so everything just kind of is seamlessly looking at one color now it’s time it’s a highlight and I went highlighting with a darker ski and I try to go for something that has a yellow undertone to it so I actually like to go a lot lighter than my natural skin because I like to lift underneath my eyes I don’t ever go for colors that have a neutral undertone or a pinkish undertone I like to give something with with a little bit of yellow because that’s really gonna help brighten our skin now the one that I like to use and I like to use a different ones all the time I like matte lights a boost if I want a very light highlight underneath the eye but if I want something a bit more full coverage I like to go with the revolution of concealer and a define up concealer in C 8.5 and it also like a bit of C a 6.5 as well if I want it a little bit lighter so I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pop this underneath my eyes and then also don’t forget just to pop it in the center of your face just to make sure that your face is well-balanced I like to pop this on and then

I trust a buff this out using the same damp Beauty Blender now sometimes you do just need to be a little bit careful with highlighting because when I’ve done my highlight and I’ve blended it out I look very very ghost-like about it I’m gonna balance this out with contour and that bronzing so just because that’s part of my routine I’m very used to it and it doesn’t shock me when I’ve got my highlight on but sometimes if you are of a darker skin tone if you’re gonna use a highlight and it may be a bit too light just be a little bit careful but just don’t want it to be too too light it will end up looking gray and it will end up looking patchy and it just won’t do you any justice it will look more gray and your skin will look more kind of drab and then it will brighten okay so now I’m gonna contour I don’t actually tend to konso I bronze a lot and then I let the the ones in do my contouring for me but today I’m going to talk to you about contouring when contouring you want to go for something that is a little bit more of a coolish tone which means that it’s got a little bit more grain it’s not very warm because you want to create illusions or shadows so that’s where it’s going to cut you when your cheekbones and therefore your cheekbones where they pay a higher well I like that to use on my skin tone is a fancy beauty the match sticks in at the shade of truffle because it’s not too warm but it’s also not too too gray and I like to just hit this on a buffing brush where I’m gonna have a little bit more precision with it and I’m just gonna cut on my cheekbones and then just kind of try and take my forehead down a little bit but I want to concentrate this color very very to the points that aren’t gonna go down using it as a bronzer I just want to contour with this to create illusions of areas looking at smaller and thinner okay so now hopefully you guys can see that I’ve created a cheekbone but this isn’t bronzed at all it’s just created a bit of an illusion that I have higher cheekbones and I’ve kind of just tried to minimize on my forehead or my five head now I wanted to talk to you guys about a bronzing on a darker skin tone I personally love anything with a red undertone anything that is kind of orangey with a red undertone and I absolutely love the iconic London pigments if this is a foundation pigment stick in the shade 5.1 but it has that beautiful rich redness undertone to it I practically like to bronze in cream and then go over top with a powder another pair that

I actually really like is a revolution at Pro HD camouflage and conceal it and I like to use a contouring shade in there because they have really nice already undertones so I like to actually bronze up or wear these ones so I like to go over with the cream bronzer I’m gonna take the pigment stick and just dab a little bit over the areas of my skin that everyone our bronze which should just be the outskirts just don’t warm up my face now and then I’m gonna buff that out just using a brush now the reason why I actually turn out to like cream a little bit more is just because I feel that cream bronzer looks ever so natural and also I like to lay on my product so I lay it like the lay on my skin up products with liquids creams and then go into a powder if I’m gonna be using it I just feel like it looks a little bit more natural that way as well not as important to set a cream up products in a place and what I like to do is I’m gonna go in with the powder I’d like to use the BH Cosmetics a Studio Pro contour palette because it’s got these really beautiful reddish undertones like orangey reddish undertones and then the colors I like to go for when I’m bronze in the skin I also really like with a Mac a dark dark deep mineralized patty you guys have seen me use that ice house and also give me some anything with a kind of like reddish orangish undertone just to go quite cohesive with that cream up bronzer but just also to set that in place so what I’m gonna do now is I’m just gonna take a fluffy brush and I’m gonna dip into this orange shade and this reddish undertone a shade as on my bronzer and I’m just gonna go over all the places that we’ve placed at the cream now before I go or not to complete the skin with powders I’m just gonna quickly fill it in on my brows and what I like to use is the Anastasia dip brow dip brow your a dip brow pomade in a dark brown now one tip that I would suggest regardless of your skin color or hard dock you are please please please don’t be for a black eyeliner I feel that black eyeliner on any skin type can look very very harsh if you are a dock ski not a toner then I just tried to give her something that is a very very dark brown close to black the only reason being is black can sometimes look a little bit too harsh and when I’ve done this when I’ve even used a very very very dark brown it’s called a blackest Brown but a lake out sometimes of that during the day can look a little bit more green like my eyebrows look a bit more green and they don’t achieve the look of that I’m going for so I’m just gonna quickly fill on my browser and you guys are see me this do this a million times I’m just going to take an angle brush and fill in all of the gaps now I’m just gonna clean up and my eye because they’re playing me a little bit at the moment the shape is a little bit off on either side and I’m gonna take my Lord gala the real deal concealer in the shade medium again this shade has a warm undertone to it which is gonna help me highlight is also a lighter which is gonna help lift the eyebrow but I’m also just gonna prime my lid a little bit with this just to give me that every eye that rich just give me that coverage before I bake my eyelids to set it in place then just taking my W blender I’m just gonna buff it over there now it is just really important to take this step especially if you do

have hyper pigmentation around your eyes the only reason that being is because when you put shadow on and you haven’t primed or you don’t have a blank canvas then the colors are just gonna get mixed with the darkness on your lid and they’re probably not gonna show up as well as they possibly could now I generally would like to do my baking stage all in one I have started baking because I use the tip that Mario maker by mario has and you know what I works wonders for me my concealer stays don’t have to do anything it looks very smooth underneath the eyes I like to do my baking all-in-one which means I like to bake on my eyelid and underneath my eyes now other doctor skin toner you’d most definitely do not want a white powder please don’t use a white powder because that’s gonna in turn make you look ashy be very careful about the colored powders as well I like to personally go for a translucent powder and I like to go for a yellow toned powder so here I’ve got the Kat Von D this is the Lockett powder in golden and I’ve got the cover FX powder in the translucent alight I like to actually mix these two together and bake with them because the yellow will add brightness but the yellow on its own doesn’t bright enough that sort of makes sense if you’re a darker skin tone the golden might be perfect for you whatever brightening powder you’re going for go for either a translucent or go for something that’s quite yellow a hint of yellow in it because that will really lift and it will really brighten your skin so I’m just gonna mix these two pilots together to take them on a damp Beauty Blender and I’m just gonna pack this on top of my lid and then it’s just underneath as well just to start the baking process now sometimes if I’m feeling a little bit extra I was just caught my cheekbones are you so please note guys a little bit crazy but this step is completely optional you don’t have to do it it’s very very instagram-worthy and you don’t have to do it whatsoever I’ve just recently started using powders and

I like to actually bake now just because of my under eyes look a little bit smoother so I’m gonna do now is I’m just gonna take a little bit of the excess powder on a small brush and I’m just gonna brush it away the reason why I take excess powder on my small brush is just so nothing drags underneath so I’m just gonna do this and then just lightly lightly brush all the powder away okay so one thing that I do find especially when I brush the powder away is it can look a bit like a horror scene and you’re a bit like oh I find are not to my face it looks a bit chalky looks powdery can look a little bit actually in some areas but what I do the honest truth is I just take a little bit of fix+ this is the mac fix+ in the roses scent I like to spray this all over the face and then it gets everything just looking like a skin again but it’s all baked just make sure you don’t rent yourself in it because you don’t want your makeup fooling it off but just enough to hydrate the skin again now

I’m gonna move on up to blush for blush like absolutely love on a darker skin tone or orangie peachy copper tones I feel like they compliment they go with so if you wanna give up something natural go for the undertones and natural kinda turns off your skin there would be warm colors like reds oranges yellows things like that so they look very natural they’re a blusher palette I actually like to go to a lot of the revolution of blush in a hot a spice this palette has a lot of orangey tones and warm tones which I really like to mix they’re not a match a bit weaned there are other ones also like to face their peaches blushes really cute there’s a sigma quarter rose that one’s got a little bit more of a peachy vibe to it a little bit more pink in it but I like this one and today I think I’m gonna go for a few oranges so I’m gonna mix it these are three shades together and I’m just gonna pop them on the apples of my cheeks and it will give me like a really nice that natural kind of a youthful look to my skin I’m just gonna quickly set my brows or either the Mac clear brow set because I forgot this stage now – I don’t actually know what clear brow set dance I know it sets your brows but I mean girl I like security so if they’re not gonna fly off they’re not gonna fly off I like the added security that it’s that’s here to stay now let’s talk about highlights for highlights I like to for a darker skin tone generally go with God anything with a gold undertone is gonna look beautiful on our skin even a rose gold look so nice but I tend to go more just for the gold tone so dependent on what look I’m going for I have a really nice pinkish highlight so called show gold by Mac that’s got pink flecks of glitter in really nice if you’re doing like a very pink eye pink lips and just a very girly look but in a general front everyday purpose I like to go for a cold I’ve got here in max oh darling which is one of my favorite all-time highlighters another one is a double game and I’ve got quite a few actually all you want to do is you just want to go for a gold about different strengths of God so something like gold deposit my Mac would look beautiful on a very dark skin tone probably about four shades darker than myself or something like trophy wife my friends he beauty even though it’s a pure gold would look really nice on a dark skin tone on me it just comes up bold you don’t want a highlighter that’s gonna look a dark art you want it’s a highlight you want to create the effect of a highlight but you want to stay away from what anything I see anything too white anything true champagne can sometimes look a little bit dusty on the skin as well so just try and go for something with a gold undertone I’m just gonna take a little bit of this on my tapered blending brush and I’m just gonna apply this to high points of my face

I’m also just gonna applying it a bit to my brother and my inner tear ducts as well okay now once my highlight is done I’m gonna go ahead and just do my eyes off my camera because I feel like eyes doesn’t really matter you can use whatever colors you want personally I would say that I like warm palette so for instance I like the Knicks ultimate this is I think they’re warm the warm neutrals it’s got beautiful colors in the it’s got really really kind of smoky colors for the day and then for the day for the night and then you’ve got daytime colors you’ve got oranges you’ve got reds another one is Anastasi and modern renaissance it’s got beautiful colors and then if you want to something that was very very very warm and that’s all you wear then the Urban Decay heat palette is beautiful as well because it has a really nice warm at times that you could wear for the day and the night and I guess you could just wear this all year round and they look beautiful warm to look beautiful on your eyes but that isn’t to say that you can’t wear cool tones isn’t say that you can’t wear gray is because you can you can wherever you color whatever color you want on the ice I’m just gonna go ahead and quickly do my eyes off camera okay so now I’m back I’ve just literally popped on up some of the lashes very light eyeshadow because I wanted this look to be more about the tips and tricks but I thought of a tip and trick whilst I was doing my eyes this is that more so to do with the closure your skin but this is to do with if you struggle with dark circles I think I’ve shared it with you guys once before but that is it to take your blending brush and to really smoke out your lower lashline this is gonna help draw away attention from your under eyes if you do stuff from darkness so I’m still gonna help but draw away from if you’ve packed on quite a bit of concealer and you’ve got a very high light under eye if you just smoke out your lower lashline this really distracts from the lines underneath your eyes and from the darkness as well also I tend to come down quite low just because I do have fine lines of right under my eyes I really hate them I can’t avoid them and

I like to come down quite low just so when people look at you they’re not even looking at the lines underneath you’ll kind of join the attention away from that area okay so just to quickly finish with my eyes I’m just gonna pop on a little bit of a bottom mascara and now we’re gonna move on to lips the reason why I’ve got lips included within this hex articl is because our girls or boys wear that docker skin I can tend to have hyper pigmentation around their lips or if you are of a darker skin down you cannot turn up too darkness around the outskirts of your lips and then it’s a lot brighter in at the center and that’s annoying when especially when you’re trying to find a new dish color or you’re trying to find a lipstick in fact is a very neutral but its sheer you tend to go for colors and that have got higher pigmentation in them so you can kind of a mask of the darkness the way in which I do is my lips tend to be a little bit dock or on the outskirts and I like to just mimic that I feel like you can wear any color you want you can wear a concealer color lip if you really wanted to you can wear a pastel color but all you need to do is you need to pair it with a darker lip liner anything with a darker lip liner on a dog skin tone you can get away with anything any color at water if you’ve got hyper pigmentation I would recommend going for something that is a little bit more matte going for something with a bit of a higher coverage so you’re able to disguise the discoloration so my lip liner of choice is a max a well lip liner I also like a cork and I like a chestnut but chestnut is a little bit too deep for me so if you are of a dog skin girl then that chestnut would be a very very good a neutral toner for you

NYX lip liners also have dupes for all of them at once so you don’t need to spend that many pennies on the Mac ones but I’m just going to use a Mac well lip liner and I’m just gonna line my lips with this now colors that I personally love on a dark skin tone or peaches of reds plums look nice as well and then any neutrals with like a walnut turn up to them also looking nice and I also love that Pink’s we can get away with anything if I’m gonna use to anything but I do personally really like you guys know like a peachy tone so I’m actually gonna go in and with Mac’s that peach stock this is a Saturn a lipstick it sunlight Petrus Petrus tone so I’m just gonna pop this is the center of the lips and then blend it out okay so now that I lips are looking up pretty nude because I’ve been loving a gloss recently I’m just gonna go over top with this isn’t even a gloss it’s like a lip comfort oil by Clarence in the shade 0-1 honey I’m just gonna go my lips with this and that guys is that the finished look these are all my hacks and tips and tricks that I’ve got for a darker skin tone please bear in mind that obviously this is a very nude lip it’s a very neutral look this look with a bright red or a bright orange would look beautiful on all skin tones I think like a red and orange look beautiful on a fair skin tone as well I just happen to go for a neutral because I want to show you guys how you could work a lighter neutral with a darker skin and that is it I think that’s everything I hope you guys really enjoyed it at this that tips and tricks article I know it wasn’t much of a makeup tutorial but I hope you guys learned something new nonetheless.


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