Best and Cool Makeup Tips For Makeup Wearers

Best and Cool Makeup Tips For Makeup Wearers

How to keep your makeup to last longer when you wear glasses and just kind of give you some little pointers that I have found along the way with wearing glasses how to my makeup game so I’ve got all my specs from glasses which an online glass company and they do over like 2500 I think styles of glasses which is insane you can get like in house brands as well as high-end brands like Tom Ford Armani Ray Ban and they’ve got such a wide variety of glass shades you can get like the cat eyes and get these squarish wands you can also get like aviators you just get so many different variety of glasses they really have it’s like a massive shopping malls online for glasses and I’m just adverse I hate shopping in person I literally load it I’m in shorter than one minute and out by the second I can’t deal so I am an online shopper and this is perfect for someone like me because I could just get through they also have this really cool little thing real quick they’re gonna be no it was close but it’s almost like a photo booth so you put a photo with your face and you can try on every single pair of glasses to make sure that it’s suits your face before purchasing I did want to touch on the price point you guys know me I love a good bargain I am all for a bargain to forty eight dollars for a lens and the frame Stein rate is just insane so I am all for that although I’ve got you a very special offer than the bargains within a bargain I’ll leave it all the links and I’ll leave the kind of code and more of a description of it down below in my description box I also want to touch on the lens quality because a lot of people would think for a bargain you’re going to get a less of a good quality within your head make sense but actually is really untrue so these glasses are made by professional opticians and they will make the and they’ll make the lenses to your eyesight me whether it’s single vision bifocal progressive lenses anything you need thinset whatever it is they will do it for you you also get a risk-free shopping experience which means if you purchase the glasses and you receive them and you don’t like them whatever no questions asked you can just send them back within 14 days you will have a full refund and it is a money-back guarantee and they also ship worldwide to the I of the USA and I’m in the UK and I got them to ship here voila so you can check out glasses and I’ll leave them down below and I’ll put all of the different kind of friends that I have got and the price points and stuff will all be linked below so go check them out you will not regret it and go try on some glasses because that photo boosting is fun of hell so let’s get on with each other frame of glasses before we get in to the tutorial ease remember to subscribe to my blog it’s very easy what I do is click the red button below and if you want to make sure that you don’t miss any of my uploads just press the little bell ding-a-ling button down below and I would give you a notification every single time I upload not annoying so these are my favorite pair of glasses

I got these I in the style Sam and I literally dig deep laughter these my favorite ones I wore them all weekend in London and I got so many compliments on them I just think they really suits my face and these are my second favorite pen I wish she loved my pants are wearing and these are the aviator style frames and they are cool to put on it they’re called Florence on Islay she loved them I am obsessed I just love talking song with like a really cool out there just for ways to be chic so yeah I just love them I think their mom calm now these are the next pair of glasses I got and needs it makes me feel very secretary and these ones are cool Academy and the bits I really love on them as these little silver kind of detail bit here could be the new dollar I mean Harvey Specter eat your heart out and these other one my favorite pairs that these otherwise I like to call a little bit cheeky cheeky little bugger they’re so cool there’s a little bit different a little bit kind of you know like a granddad glasses but I love them so these are called Brutus and they’re in the color gunmetal I will show you guys up close and personal to just so freakin Courtney and in this style of golf is very similar to this path is more of a wider I feel like a lens it’s more like rectangle but it’s kind of thinner frame so these ones are cool so this one is called port and I also got black you guys know I love a black frame so just sit nicely on my nose and it is a very nice I love them and then the last paragraph sunglasses and I went a bit creepy and got the array band glasses so the guy called the frame which I love the Ray she can you need to just like not the normal style aviator kind of sunglasses I feel like just so much nicer and even the color blend of the lens is like a faded color which I love I’m in my pajamas I’ve got my cup of tea and I’m still not very well so what is it smells like shed like no other honestly when I read it’s lit whenever I have a shower or anything I have to put it on a drain pipes you know also before I try it out I’ve gone darker tonight so I’m firing it into all the tips and tricks I like to do I’m going to show you two devices – – I look for glasses because glasses can do two things they can either make your eyes look bigger I think the magnified glass is after people who are is it long-sighted and then the normal glasses or glasses that content vaporizers with its smaller other people is short there are short sighted so I’m going to do two different those we’re going to do like a softer more kind of opening up the eye makeup look and then I’ll do a more like smokey look so it’s kind of multimedia depending on

Oprah’s might be it depends on Omega preference it depends with all these different things but I’m just going to show you what I would personally do pushy different scenarios so if the first thing that I will always do when my glasses especially in the magnified ones is to make sure that underneath your brows is all tidy because if you’ve got some straight hair I’ll zoom in imagine if you’ve got some stray hairs here they will be magnified and especially when you put select primer like I ate soft with a Paint Pot on top of them then they just look kind of like white thick long hair I don’t think I personally don’t like straight hair I’m the hair like on my eyelids so I will pluck these out to make it look clean and tidy so when the glasses do magnify it it’s going to look you know sentimental so the next tip that I would suggest is to find it the right makeup look to suit you so your personality and also your glasses so like I said before with a whole magnifying thing I personally have quite large eyes so when I put on glasses to magnify my eyes I still like a kind of like a cartoon character or just a little bit strange little bit demented you know it’s a great great I need a makeup look to make them look a little bit smaller and more like defined and it kind of goes the other way as well if you’ve got a smaller eyes and they magnifies wasn’t even they don’t you can make them look bigger so I mean it’s totally you’re pregnant I know it’s kind of common sense and you guys will obviously I already knows but I just want to put out there that it does make a massive difference when you think about your garden and your eye shape kind of together so at the palette I’m going to be using today is this new one from Tarte and it is called the play of play face shaping palette and they also sent me some flank with this package boy trans HR huh huh which right there let’s start with the more neutral opening up making your eyes look bigger actually so the first thing I’m going to do is prime my eyelids like I would normally do you hate scratch in a brand new eye shadow palette right in the actually pan I just ruined it so don’t scratch oh we’re going to do it again a Caspian eye shadow palette for what two minutes right so for actually prime I’m going to be taking the knob medium one custard this is the actual little pot and it reminds me of soft ocher this is why

I’m tryna key I haven’t heard the primer yet but we’re just going to go through it because I’m going to use it out my concealer today so I’m just going to pull its Milanese I’m just going to buff it on with my concealer one for two is there either buffer brush make sure that your second page I’m just going to power that using the selfies color from the palette and a little bit of sand I’m taking out on my more BM a 5-1 one brush and I’m just going to pop this all on top oh it smells so good when you get bit creepy guys in the club and they come too close to you I mean like probably because you make it smell so good now can we be taking journey which is the color I destroyed so when you’re waiting to Ireland there go you want to focus it on the outer corner you want all the color and all the darkness to be on the outer corner and then you want lightness in the center and over the lid because you’re wearing lycra magnified glasses or any glasses in general it’s just going to create more attention to your eyes you know someone’s going to look at your eyes even more closely than they would if you weren’t wearing glasses because it just creates some attention to the area so you just want to make sure that everything’s blended really nicely really seamlessly there’s no harsh harshness to it because people will pick up on it way quicker than if you weren’t wearing glasses and then I’m gonna be taking a little bit of the color stone and popping that on the outer corner with my 2 to 7 brush from zoeva and I’m just going to apply this just on the outer corner again and then just add a little bit more of a darkness to the outer corner

I’m going to be taking smoke on my little 3 nice fluffy brush and just applying it on the lash line just on the outer corner this is going to open up the eye even more can you see already how much of a difference it makes to my eye shades and keeping it open big compared to that water just to make the teeny little difference and it’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference so I’m just going to be taking my buxom eyeliner I’m just going to run this on the outer corner of my eye and then I always like to smudge out and smoke out and coal liner or crayon liner I’m just going to take a little bit onyx which is that black eye shadow from the palette and put it on my morphe 508 brush and just smudge it in so the next hack that I have for you is one of the most common kind of complaints I hear about people that wear glasses so I kind of deal with this issue quite a lot and I found the best thing to do to color eyelashes even the one wearing just mascara it really does make a difference especially if you’ve got really naturally long eyelashes I unfortunately don’t the curling my lashes doesn’t really make a massive deal or a difference for me but I currently like to curl my selfies if it just going to wear mascara that I would just lightly curl the eyelashes I kind of just clamp it down and then kind of so kind of clamp it on it off and then let go and my eyelashes are nice and pointing upward and this is when I was applying my mascara and this type of reference entirely up to you but I personally like my eyelashes to be separated and less clumpy because if they’re clumpy I write magnifies glasses then people are going to notice that they’re going to see the clumps and stuff so I prefer more like a spiky mascara and I’m going to be using my roller lash by benefit so I’m really taking my ardell demi whispies eyelashes these are one of my favorite natural looking lashes so all I like to do is hold the lash in the tweezers just right in the middle and then I just get my colors a nice lot for my eyelash through the curlers pull it back a little bit and then I just clamp down and fill them see now they’re stuck up you stock up eyelashes and because they’re stuck up again it’ll make the eyes look bigger and they won’t annoy you by again stuck on the glass of the glasses and just kind of like pointed out honestly I’ve been there I understand the pain this works with dramatic eyelashes as well this is just a cool little trick I like to use and it really does work so another trick that I like to do is I like use a magnifying mirror this is just to spot-check my eye makeup because this is pretty much what people are going to see when they see your eyes through the glasses because everything’s bigger so here I can see a little bit of unblended eye shadows so

I need to go back in and blend that out so magnifies mirrors are your best friend so then on to the face makeup before we come back to the eyes so for my primer today I’m going to be using something that’s quite like oil absorbing mattes not very shimmery shiny I’m going to give meaning moisture because you don’t want any other foundation to stick on your glasses you want everything to be pretty matte so I’m going to be using my professional private by benefit and I’m going to rub this on accurately center of my face and anywhere the glasses may touch so show me [Music] now assault our nation I think a lot of you guys who wear glasses can vote with me the most annoying thing is definitely the imprints that you get on the side even though the redness the fact that the foundation comes off in those areas that is probably one of my most annoying thing and I think works really well is actually not using a very thick foundation or keep that area very nice because if you think about it if it’s a light foundation and if the glasses are touching the light foundation is not a lot for it to come off when you’ve got like you take a layer of that foundation and powder and things and it starts to rub off you’re going to see that kind of like indent more than you would do a light coverage foundation I’m going to be taking the foundation that I’ve been loving wearing when I wear my glasses is the

Maybelline matte and poreless foundation for normal to oily skin again it’s matte foundation which is going to help to keep the foundation in place and I’ve been preferring using a brush to apply my foundation when I’m using my glasses because I feel like it really buff into the skin and acts like second skin rather than a sponge as more like a stick I feel like a stick coverage because it just sits on top of the skin so I’ve really made sure that I really work this into my nose I won’t apply loads and loads of layers I just popped it one on and this is when I’ll start a really buffing here so now I feel I got a pretty good base is quite light it’s ok coverage at the moment because of how it builds out that much but now I’m going to go in with my sponge and the same foundation and I’m just going to go in the areas but I want a little bit more coverage I’m excluding the nose though I don’t want that anymore on my nose area and I mainly put like the tiniest bit on the tip so filling I want extra coverage but nothing in this kind of section of the nose so you’ve still got a flawless complexion but without the thickness of the foundation on the nose area so the next allies a little trick with concealers I like a light reflecting it concealer underneath my eyes and in some areas that my glasses create a shadow so

I like to put on my glasses and see where I get some shadows when when we get some darkness here underneath the rim of the glasses and I also get darkness in the center here from where my glasses are sitting on my nose and the bridge so afford the right respective concealer I personally like using the IVA senior one to Jetta I know Clinique do you want this hair is blue I know can you do one and bury em do a pretty good drugstore version two and then I’m going to be taking my medium of one at costed soft matte complete concealer by now so I prefer mixing these two together and kind of creating my own little combination of the two pop down a little bit of Touche plant right in the center of the eyes here here under there and then remember I got a shadow here I’m here from my glasses I also prefer buffing this end with a buffer brush this one is from LePage train this is going to keep that product in those specific areas you pop on the NARS concealer directly on top and I try and kind of skip the side of my nose I only take it up to that here again I don’t want loads of put in the area and then just taking my sponge and I’m just going to blend that all in so evidence wearing glasses I preferred a softer brow you want a growl this very groomed under kind if friends your face something your glasses also a frame as well there’s also going to frame the face you don’t want them to compete if you’ve got a really thick or black frame for your glasses you don’t want like really big black thick eyebrows because the kind of look the same and it might just end up looking like one big thick black brow so for my brows I’m doing gave you my arms of their Beverly Hills different pomade in medium brown no no not soft brown medium brown the normal the double dingo that I use when it comes to brows but I’m using my soft brown color which actually does make a vast difference

I didn’t think there can be much difference in it but very is and I prefer a so I prefer it so I’m just going to draw my brows like I normally would and keep them nice and clean you want to do pretty much this is kind at the end of the tips and then I’ll finish off the rest of my makeup so then it’s a powder you only want to lightly powder it around the nose and the areas that your glasses are touching your face this is one because again like the sticker the product is on the skin the more indentation you’re going to make and then also when I use a light powder if I do get a little bit of redness I can go in with like a sponge or little brush I can just dab onto the red marks or if I’m wearing a lot of powder you can’t really do that because then it will start to be cake base in death Matthew I’m going to be taking my locket in powder in tattoo I’m only gonna be taking a tiny bit of this palette and popping it on so again dipping into the Tarte palette I’m going to be taking a third shade which is called journey and I’m going to run that all on my lower lash line I like to do it kind of quite thick again because it opens up the eye makes it bigger but it also kind of hides any creasing that you have under your lower lash line just hides it and then I’m going to be taking the shade Ember and this is just a little bit darker and I’m going to apply this on the outer corner of the eye I’m going to use the same mascara on the lower lash line as they did on the top off the face makeup Nair and I’m going to go and show you these looks that I would only do for my eye shape so this is pretty much the Irish a look and the look that I would go for if I was making mines the bigger underneath glasses this is more natural look I would pop on some lashes if I was doing this look probably but that I’m going to show you what I would normally do kind of to make my eyes a little bit smaller so they’re not so kind of big and then I’m going to take the shade stone again and pop it on top and can you see how ready it makes such a difference this eye looks very big and rounded and this I looks very kind of just more defined and then

I’m going to do is take some brown eyeliner this one’s from NYX let’s call it burnt sienna and I’m going to pop this all the way in from the inner corner to the outer corner and then I like to take that for our eyeliner and just run it on the waterline just in the inner corner I just preferred there closed-off more defined eye while I wear my glasses see so it’s just a personal preference on it’s about creating that kind of different style to suit your eye shape.


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